Map Your Business Miles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is an Android version in the works?

The AutoMileage App was initially developed for the iPhone and iPad operating systems as a springboard for future versions in other devices equipped with a GPS. An Android version is forthcoming once our development team evaluates the integration into diverse versions of the Android operating system.

Our goal is to make this app available across multiple platforms and if you are interested in becoming a part of the Beta Testers Group, please let me know and we would be glad to add you to our list for future testing. Email us at to request access to beta testing.

Q – I see 3 different colored pins – what do they mean?

Red is the default color. If a location is permanently tagged as work, the pin will turn purple. If it is labeled personal, the pin will turn green.

Q – What does track position do?

This updates your position on the map as you move.

Q – What is background mode?

This allows the app to keep functioning while minimized.

Q – Why is my settings button red?

This is a visual indicator that background mode is not turned on. The app will NOT track your position in this mode.

Q – Will this app drain the battery quickly?

The app uses location services for tracking purposes. Like any feature of your phone that uses location services, when tracking is on full time, the phone will consume additional power. In situations when charging is not available for an extended period of time, a power saving option is to turn off background mode when you are expect to be at a location for an extended period of time. This will save battery life, but will also necessitate your manual restarting of the app. (Choose settings, background mode – on or off.)

Q – Why do I see straight lines between locations?

This happens when location services are suspended. The suspension can happen for multiple reasons. Most frequently, it is because the phone lost connection to cell towers or GPS. This can occur in places like elevators, underground, or any place with limited cellular service. This can also happen if the phone suspends the app to conserve power. The app can easily be restarted by opening and then minimizing.

Q – Can the app automatically email the log?

At this time, iPhone apps are not allowed to send automatic emails.

Q – Who can see my trip data?

All data is only stored on your phone and is reported only to the email address you enter when requesting a report. AutoMileage does NOT collect any trip data.

Q – What does Highest Accuracy mean?

The app will attempt to switch to using the GPS chip in your phone. This is particularly useful in locations with limited Wi-Fi and cellular service.

Q – I’ve turned off background mode, but the app still seems to be tracking me. Why?

iPhones may continue to deliver location data for up to 15 minutes after this setting is changed, but this information will not appear in your trip table. As long as the app is onscreen, information will continue to be collected and processed.

We welcome your feedback! Please send any additional questions or suggestions for future improvements to